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Lazarus is alive

John 11:1-46
Jesus raises Lazarus to life.
Contributed by Lambsongs
This amazing miracle is found in the Bible. John who wrote about it was there when it happened. – Slide 1
Jesus was in Jerusalem when someone came to tell Him that His friend Lazarus, from the town of Bethany, was sick. – Slide 2
Two days later Jesus and His friends started off to Bethany, to see him, but Jesus knew that Lazarus had died. – Slide 3
Martha ran to meet Jesus. ‘If you had been here,’ she said, ‘My brother would not have died. But I know, it’s not too late. You can do anything.’ – Slide 4
‘Lazarus will live,’ Jesus said to her. ‘Go and get your sister, Mary.’ Jesus often stayed with Martha and Mary and their brother, Lazarus. – Slide 5
Jesus was sad. Lazarus was His friend. They went to the cave were Lazarus was buried. ‘Take the stone away,’ said Jesus. <br/>‘But, he has been dead four days,’ they told Him. – Slide 6
‘If you believe, then you will see what God can do,’ He replied. <br/>‘Lazarus come out!’ called Jesus. Lazarus came out, still wrapped in bandages. – Slide 7
Martha and Mary unwrapped him. They were so happy that Lazarus was alive! <br/>Many, who saw this miracle with their own eyes, believed that Jesus was God’s Son. – Slide 8
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