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Abraham travels to Egypt

Abram deceives Pharaoh about Sarai.
Contributed by Andrea Rau
Story also available on our translated website: Polish
Abram was living in the land that God had told him would be for him and his family. But then, one year, there was not enough rain for the crops to grow and Abram and those with him did not have enough food to eat. – Slide 1
‘We shall have to travel to Egypt to get food,’ Abram explained to his wife Sarai. ‘But once we get there they will see what a very beautiful woman you are. I am afraid they might kill me so they can marry you. So if anyone asks, tell them you are my sister not my wife.’ – Slide 2
They set off on the long trip through the desert to the land of Egypt. Abram should have trusted God to protect him rather than plan to tell lies. – Slide 3
When the people of Egypt saw how beautiful Sarai was, they told Pharaoh the king of Egypt about her. – Slide 4
Abram told lies and pretended Sarai was his sister. So Pharaoh thought he could marry Sarai and sent servants to bring her to him. – Slide 5
Pharaoh welcomed Sarai into his palace but she did not tell him she was already married to Abram. – Slide 6
Pharaoh rewarded Abraham with gifts of sheep and cattle and servants. But Abram was very, very sad because he had told lies and lost Sarai. – Slide 7
God saw what was happening and how wrong it was. So he made Pharaoh and other members of his family very ill. Pharaoh knew he was being punished by God and then he discovered the truth. – Slide 8
He called for Abram. ‘Why didn’t you tell me Sarai was your wife?’ he asked. ‘Why did you say she was your sister? Now take your wife and go.’ Telling lies had caused so much trouble for so many people. – Slide 9
So Abram and Sarai left the palace. They were told they could keep all the gifts Pharaoh had given them and they travelled back to the land God had given them. – Slide 10
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