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Abram, Hagar and Ishmael

Sarai offers Hagar to bear children for Abram.
Contributed by Andrea Rau
Story also available on our translated website: Polish
God told Abram to look up at the stars and count them if he could. Then God promised that his offspring would be so many they would be difficult to count too. God also promised Abram that He would give the land of Canaan to his descendants to live. – Slide 1
But Abram and Sarai did not have children, so how could this be true? And they were both getting older. Sarai was 75 and Abram 85 years old. – Slide 2
Sarai had an Egyptian servant called Hagar. She did not believe that God would give her children, so she suggested Abram took Hagar as his wife and maybe Abram would have a child this way. – Slide 3
Abram agreed and Hagar was brought to him to be his wife. – Slide 4
Some time later Hagar became pregnant. When she knew was having a baby with Abram she started gloating about it and Sarai became upset. – Slide 5
Sarai spoke to Abram, ‘I gave you Hagar and now she despises me,’ she complained. ‘Deal with Hagar as you think best,’ Abram replied. – Slide 6
Sarai mistreated Hagar so she decided to run away into the desert. – Slide 7
Exhausted and thirsty, she stopped by a well in the desert. – Slide 8
An angel of the Lord appeared and asked her what she was doing. ‘I am running away,’ she answered. ‘Go back to Sarai,’ the angel replied. ‘You will have a son named Ishmael. He will have descendants that will be too many to count.’ – Slide 9
Hagar obeyed and returned to live with Abram and Sarai. – Slide 10
She stopped gloating that she was having a baby and served Sarai. – Slide 11
Just as the angel had said, she had a son and Abram named him Ishmael. (Some Arab peoples today claim to be descendants of Ishmael). Abram now had a son but he was not the son that God had promised to Abram and Sarai. – Slide 12
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