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The Great Flood

Can Noah and his family survive the biggest flood ever seen?
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
Imagine if Yah*, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, told you to build the biggest boat in the world. Would you build it? You would probably shake your head and say, “No way! That’s impossible. I could never build something like that!” <br/>Well, Yah gave a man called Noah those very instructions. And even though Noah didn’t understand Yah’s big plan, he said yes. <br/>You see, Yah saw that people on the earth had become very wicked. They stole from each other, worshipped angels, and mixed animals together to make strange new species. Yah was not pleased. This was not what He had created. <br/>(* Did you know that YAH is the Hebrew name for God?) – Slide 1
During this time, a race of fearsome giants called the Nephilim had appeared on the earth. They were the children of bad angels and human women. The Nephilim were mean and nasty! <br/>“The earth has become too violent,” said Yah. “I am sorry that I ever made man.” He came up with a plan to wipe out everything on earth and begin again. <br/>But Noah had a great relationship with Yah. He didn’t behave how other people behaved. He was faithful and obedient. One day, Yah said to him, “People are not following My ways. I am going to flood the earth and start again.” Noah couldn’t believe his ears. Yah was going to destroy everything? “He must think the earth is pretty wicked,” thought Noah. – Slide 2
Yah had more to say. “I want you to build an Ark. It needs to be a boat big enough to fit lots of animals. Build it 300 cubits long, 30 cubits high, and 50 cubits wide. Then cover it in pitch.” <br/>Noah scratched his beard. This boat was going to be enormous! He looked up at the bright blue sky. What was Yah up to? You see, Noah didn’t know what rain was. He’d never fallen asleep to the sound of raindrops splashing on his roof. He didn’t even own a raincoat. <br/>When Yah created the earth, He had made a mist that rose from the ground and watered the plants. Why would water need to fall from the sky? – Slide 3
“What about my wife and family?” asked Noah. “Will you spare them like the animals?” “My flood will destroy everything,” replied Yah. “But you have nothing to worry about. I will keep you and your family safe.” <br/>Noah breathed a sigh of relief. He loved his family! But he was still curious. After all, he had never built an Ark before. “Follow my instructions,” said Yah. “I will tell you what to do.” <br/>Noah and his three sons – Shem, Ham, and Japheth – were very smart. They knew how to make many things. They chopped down trees for the hull and carved stones for the anchors. They made nails out of iron and mixed huge barrels of thick tar to help everything stick together. When everything was finally ready, they began to build the Ark. – Slide 4
Noah and his sons carefully followed Yah’s instructions. Every day the Ark grew bigger and bigger. Noah’s neighbors stared in fascination at the gigantic boat. They had never seen a boat SO big! <br/>“Did Yah really tell you to build this Ark?” they laughed. “You’re wasting your time, you old fool!” <br/>Noah glared at his neighbours. “If you put your faith in Yah, you can join us,” he replied. But his neighbors continued to mock him and would not listen. “We don’t need Yah for anything,” they said. “We have the angels to guide us.” – Slide 5
Noah and his sons ignored their laughter and continued building the Ark. They built three decks for the animals and put in a special door to walk through. They built themselves cozy rooms to sleep in and added a big window so it wouldn’t get too smelly. Lastly, they built a wooden roof and covered the Ark in a sticky, black pitch to make it waterproof. <br/>Finally, the Ark was finished. The men put down their tools and gazed up at the mighty boat. “What an awesome boat,” said Shem. “Have you ever seen anything so big?” <br/>Little did Shem and his family know what an extraordinary adventure awaited them. – Slide 6
Yah said to Noah, “Take every kind of food into the Ark for you and the animals.” Noah did exactly what Yah said. He collected dried fruit, vegetables, and fish for his family, and grain and hay for the animals. Noah’s wife had been preparing meals for years, so she knew they had plenty to eat! <br/>“Now,” said Yah. “Take your entire family inside the Ark and get ready. I will gather the animals and bring them to you.” Noah’s family looked nervously at each other. What had Yah planned next? They quietly picked up their belongings and carried them into the Ark. <br/>And Noah waited for the animals to arrive. – Slide 7
Soon, thousands of animals gathered in front of the Ark, pushing and shoving each other for position. They roared, growled, squawked, and grunted. Imagine how noisy it was! <br/>Noah’s mouth dropped open. There were so many strange animals he’d never seen before. “Where do I start?” cried Noah as he buried his face in his hands. He was very thankful for Yah’s help. <br/>“Take seven pairs from every kind of clean bird and animal,” said Yah. “From every kind of unclean animal, only take one pair. After seven days, I am going to send water on the earth for forty days and forty nights.” – Slide 8
Noah stood in front of the Ark and counted the animals. He chose seven pairs from every kind of clean animal. From every kind of unclean animal, he chose only one pair, just as Yah had told him. <br/>Then he took the animals up the ramp and into the Ark. There were giraffes and elephants, anteaters and armadillos, cats and monkeys, and bears and hippos. When the animals were all inside, Yah shut the door. None of Noah’s neighbors were on the Ark. They had all chosen to do things their own way. – Slide 9
Suddenly, the sky turned dark. Thunder rumbled through thick, black clouds, and lightning streaked across the murky, grey sky. The floodgates of heaven opened and it began to rain. <br/>It rained and rained and rained. Noah’s friends and neighbors stared into the sky. “Where is this water coming from?” they asked each other. “Maybe Noah was right!” <br/>The earth shook and cracked like an egg. The fountains of the deep burst open, and water erupted from under the ground. Noah’s frightened neighbors pounded their fists on the Ark, begging to be let in. “Open the door! Otherwise, we’ll die.” – Slide 10
Noah wiped a tear from his eye. He wished with all his heart that his neighbors had put their faith in Yah. “I warned them about this, but they thought I was crazy,” Noah said to his wife. “They didn’t believe I was hearing from Yah. Now it’s too late.” <br/>It rained for forty days and forty nights. The flood waters grew higher and higher. Inside the Ark, animals were tossed about like clothes in a washing machine. It was so noisy that Noah’s family could hardly hear themselves think! <br/>Noah poked his head through the window. Water stretched as far as the eye could see. The hills and valleys had disappeared. Shivering, Noah wrapped his cloak tightly around him. The only people alive were his family. “Please protect and deliver us through this storm,” he prayed. – Slide 11
Finally, the rain stopped and the fountains of the deep closed. A gentle wind blew over the earth, and the waves became as calm as glass. Everything was very quiet. <br/>Noah and his family peered through the window at the muddy waters below. It was as though the whole earth had vanished beneath them! They thanked Yah for keeping them safe. <br/>“It feels like we’ve been in this Ark forever,” sighed Shem. “When do you think the water will disappear?” Noah smiled at his son. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Yah hasn’t forgotten about us. Just have faith. He will sort things out.” – Slide 12
Every day, Noah’s family stared out the window to see if the water had disappeared. But every morning the water still lapped against the sides of the Ark. <br/>One day, as Noah and his family ate breakfast, they saw a piece of rock in the distance. “The water must be going down!” cried Noah, pointing to the rock. <br/>“What?” Shem said as he and Ham rushed over to the window and stared at the dark, rocky mound. They almost couldn’t believe their eyes. “It’s true! Yah really hasn’t forgotten about us!” – Slide 13
A few months later, the Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. Noah chose a large, black bird called a raven and sent it out from the Ark. It flew back and forth, waiting for the water to dry up from the earth. <br/>Noah grew tired of waiting for the raven to come back, so he sent a dove next. The dove couldn’t find any place to rest, and its stomach grumbled. It flew straight back to the Ark, where it knew there was plenty of food. <br/>Noah waited another seven days and then sent the dove again. This time, the bird came back with a freshly-plucked olive leaf. Noah’s eyes lit up. “This means the water has finally gone down!” he cried. He sent the dove out once more, and this time it never returned. – Slide 14
Noah and his sons opened up the door of the Ark. They stared at their new home in amazement. “The soil looks dry!” said Japheth, grinning at his mother. “Maybe we can grow fresh vegetables again.” <br/>Noah’s wife clapped her hands. She thanked Yah with all her heart for saving her family. She couldn’t wait to make everyone a proper meal.<br/>Yah said to Noah, “Take your wife, your sons, and your son’s wives, and leave the Ark. Bring all the animals and birds with you.” Noah and his family looked nervously at each other. They were happy to leave the boat, but the flood had destroyed everything. How would they live in this strange, new land? – Slide 15
Scrambling to their feet, the animals yawned and stretched their legs. They had been on the boat for a long time and couldn’t wait to roll around in the fresh, green grass. One by one, they trotted down the ramp and out into the midday sun.  <br/>Noah wanted to thank Yah for keeping his family safe through the flood. He gathered a pile of rocks and built a stone altar. Then, he took one of each clean bird and animal and made an offering to Yah. <br/>Yah was pleased that Noah had obeyed Him through this big adventure. He said to Himself, “Never again will I curse the earth like this or destroy every living thing. As long as the earth is here, seasons will come and go, and day and night will never stop.” – Slide 16
Yah blessed Noah and his sons, saying, “Noah, have lots of children so your descendants will fill the earth.” Noah smiled. He liked the idea of having a large family. He planted a vineyard to celebrate. <br/>Yah had a promise for Noah and his descendants. He said, “I promise to never again destroy all living things with a flood. As a sign that I keep my promises, I will put a rainbow in the sky.” Noah and his family were happy. They were ready to trust Yah completely. <br/>Yah’s words last forever. From now on, whenever you see a rainbow in the sky, remember that He always keeps His promises! – Slide 17
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