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Noah and the Flood

When Noah and the Ark are ready - God closes the door.
Story also available on our translated website: Polish
Long, long ago there lived a man named Noah. The Bible says Noah was a righteous man because he believed in the One true and living God of The Bible. – Slide 1
God warned Noah that He was going to send a lot of rain to the earth, so much rain that a great flood would come. God told Noah to build an ark where all the people that believed in God would be safe and secure from the dangers of the flood. Noah obeyed God. – Slide 2
For many years Noah asked the people to believe in the One true and living God of the Bible. But they would not believe. – Slide 3
Finally, God told Noah and his family to climb inside the ark. They obeyed God. He also told two of every kind of animal to climb into the ark with Noah. The animals also obeyed God. When Noah and his family were safe in the ark God reached down and closed the door very tight! – Slide 4
Then, it began to rain, and rain, and rain and rain…and rain! It rained all day and all night for forty days until all the earth was covered with water. Noah and his family were the only ones in the whole world to believe in the One true and living God of the Bible, and they were the only ones that God kept safe through the flood. Many people died in the flood because of their unbelief. – Slide 5
This story teaches us a very good lesson. Just like Noah and his family and the animals were safe in the ark, we are safe in Jesus! The Lord Jesus Christ is our ark! He is our safe place. Once we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Saviour nothing in the world can separate us from His love. We are His children and Heaven is our home forever! – Slide 6
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