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Paul the servant of Jesus

Paul's service to Jesus is shown at Lystra, Athens and Malta.
Story also available on our translated website: Polish
Paul’s great passion in life was to serve His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He was sent out by the Holy Spirit to many places in the world to boldly proclaim the Word of God and call people to believe in Jesus Christ. – Slide 1
While Paul was teaching in a town called Lystra he saw a man that had been lame from birth. Paul looked at him and said, ‘Stand upright on your feet.’ The man leaped up and began to walk! Many people saw this miracle happen and began to worship Paul thinking that he was a god. – Slide 2
Paul was upset that men would worship him when he was just a man. He knew his power to heal came from the One true and living God of the Bible, Jesus Christ! – Slide 3
Paul also visited Athens where men worshipped idols. He saw an altar that was dedicated to ‘an unknown god.’ Paul boldly proclaimed to them that Jesus Christ is the One true and living God. He created all things and we can know Him! We know Him by His creation, His love, His sacrifice for us on the cross and by the witness of Him in the pages of the Bible. – Slide 4
Paul was shipwrecked off the coast of the island of Malta where he was welcomed by the local inhabitants. – Slide 5
They made a fire to help warm Paul, and out of the fire came a dangerous viper that bit him! Everyone expected Paul to quickly die but God kept His servant safe. Once again, the people thought Paul must be a god to survive such a viper bite. But Paul kept on proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the One and only God! – Slide 6
All through Paul’s life he served Jesus Christ and not himself. In everything Paul gave the glory to Jesus Christ! – Slide 7
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