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Learning to obey God

A Psalm about obedience to God.
Contributed by CommonToAll.com
Happy is the person who doesn’t listen to the wicked. <br/>He doesn’t go where sinners go. He doesn’t do what bad people do. – Slide 1
He loves the Lord’s teachings. He thinks about those teachings day and night. – Slide 2
He is strong, like a tree planted by a river. It produces fruit in season. Its leaves don’t die. Everything he does will succeed. – Slide 3
But wicked people are not like that. They are like useless chaff that the wind blows away. <br/>So the wicked will not escape God’s punishment. Sinners will not worship God with good people. <br/>This is because the Lord protects good people. But the wicked will be destroyed. – Slide 4
Slide 5