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Elisha and the jar of oil

God helps a widow who owes money.
Contributed by Didier Martin
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
When one of the men Elisha was training as a prophet died, his wife was very upset. – Slide 1
To make matters worse her husband had borrowed money from a man who demanded it was paid back. And she did not have the money to pay him. The man insisted that if he was not paid soon he would have to take away her two sons and sell them as slaves to get the money. – Slide 2
The woman was very upset and went to tell the prophet Elisha what had happened. <br/>Elisha asked her, ‘Tell me, what have you in the house?’ – Slide 3
‘I have nothing at home but a jar of olive oil,’ she replied. – Slide 4
The woman returned home and told her sons what the prophet Elisha has said. – Slide 5
They believed that God was going to help them and gathered as many empty pots as they could. – Slide 6
Soon the house was full of empty jars. – Slide 7
The poor widow then took her jar of oil and poured it into the first empty jar until it was full. Then she poured the oil into the next jar … and the next. The oil in her jar did not empty until she had filled all the jars. – Slide 8
Then Elisha said, ‘Go, sell the oil, and pay your debt.  And keep the rest of the money for you and your sons to live off.’ – Slide 9
The widow obeyed and was able to pay the man to whom they owed money. Her sons would not be taken and sold as slaves. God had provided enough for all their needs. – Slide 10
Slide 11