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The Stranger on the road to Emmaus

Jesus appears to two disciples.
Contributed by Didier Martin
Story also available on our translated website: Spanish
After Jesus’ death and His resurrection, while His disciples stayed in Jerusalem, two of His followers were walking to the nearby village to Emmaus – Slide 1
They were sad and weary talking about all that had happened to Jesus. That morning some women had seen an angel at the tomb saying that Jesus was alive. But they could not believe that could be true. – Slide 2
While they walked, another man joined them. ‘Why are you so sad?’ He asked. – Slide 3
One of them, Cleopas, answered, ‘Are you a stranger here? You haven’t heard all that happened in Jerusalem?’ They then told the stranger about Jesus, how He had died, and how some women had reported His tomb was now empty. – Slide 4
Then the stranger quoted Scriptures about the prophecies made many years ago about Jesus. Prophecies that God had given about a Saviour who would suffer and die so people could be forgiven. – Slide 5
When they arrived in Emmaus the stranger turned to walk on further. – Slide 6
But the two followers of Jesus urged the Stranger to stay at their house. The Stranger accepted their invitation. – Slide 7
They invited the Stranger to join them for a meal. – Slide 8
As they began the evening meal, the Stranger took the bread. – Slide 9
Then He blessed it and broke it, then gave each one a piece. – Slide 10
At this instant their eyes were opened and they recognised that the Stranger was Jesus, and suddenly He disappeared. – Slide 11
The two men were so happy that they decided to rush back to Jerusalem with the good news. – Slide 12
They were so excited that Jesus was alive! God had raised Him from the dead. – Slide 13
They found the other disciples meeting together in a room in Jerusalem and told them the good news. – Slide 14
Slide 15