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Jesus is born

Angels tell shepherds the Saviour is born.
Contributed by Didier Martin
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Around the time when Jesus was to be born, the Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus, ordered a count be made of all the people throughout the Roman Empire. – Slide 1
Everyone was told to return to the place where they were originally from to register and pay taxes. – Slide 2
Joseph’s family was from Bethlehem, a small town close to Jerusalem. So Joseph took Mary, his fiancée, and they started on the journey to Bethlehem. – Slide 3
It was a long and tiring voyage, and Mary was soon to give birth to the baby. Day after day they walked on, until they finally arrived in Bethlehem. – Slide 4
Mary gasped, ‘Joseph, I am so tired! Let’s find a place to stay.’<br/>‘Yes, Mary, it has been a long journey. I’ll ask if there is room here,’ Joseph replied. – Slide 5
They went to an inn and Joseph asked, ‘We have travelled a long way, and my wife is very tired. Do you have a place we can stay?’ <br/>‘I am so sorry!’ The Innkeeper replied. ‘Bethlehem is very crowded these days. So many people have come to register that I have no room left.’ – Slide 6
‘The only place I can offer you for the night is a bed of straw in my stable.’<br/>‘Thank you, kind sir!’ Jesus replied. ‘We’ll need to rest and the stable will do.’ – Slide 7
Joseph made Mary as comfortable as he could. The baby was due to be born at any moment. – Slide 8
Joseph made a small bed of straw for Mary and there in this humble place, Mary gave birth to her first son, Jesus. She wrapped Him in cloths and laid Him gently in the manger. – Slide 9
That same night, not too far away from the town, shepherds were watching their sheep on the hills. – Slide 10
Suddenly, an angel appeared. The shepherds were afraid. <br/>‘Don’t be afraid!’ the Angel said. ‘I bring you good news.’ – Slide 11
‘Tonight in Bethlehem, the Saviour was born, Christ the Lord. You will find the baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.’ – Slide 12
At the same moment a multitude of angels appeared in the sky singing praises to God: ‘Glory to God in heaven, and peace on earth to all men.’ – Slide 13
The shepherds were excited and agreed, ‘Let’s go to Bethlehem to see the Baby.’ – Slide 14
Soon they found and entered the stable. – Slide 15
They saw Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus, just as the angels had told them. – Slide 16
The shepherds then went out and told everyone the wonderful news of what they had seen and all that the angels had told them. <br/>‘Thank You, God, for sending the Saviour and letting us see Him.’ – Slide 17
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