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Simeon and Anna

Simeon and Anna meet the Saviour in the temple.
Contributed by Didier Martin
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese
Forty days after the birth of Jesus, Joseph took Mary to Jerusalem to perform the ceremony of purification, which was required in those days by the Book of the Law. – Slide 1
There lived in Jerusalem an older man named Simeon. Simeon had studied the scriptures and was expecting news of the arrival of the Messiah. <br/>‘Oh, Lord, how long will I have to wait’ he asked. ‘You promised that I would not die before I see the Saviour.’ – Slide 2
As Mary and Joseph travelled into Jerusalem that day the Spirit of God spoke to Simeon. ‘Simeon, today God’s promise to you will be fulfilled. Go to the temple.’ – Slide 3
Immediately, Simeon went to the temple. – Slide 4
Around the same time, Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus arrived in Jerusalem. – Slide 5
Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus headed towards the Temple. – Slide 6
It was the custom for the ceremony of purification to purchase a lamb to offer as a sacrifice, but if people were poor, two turtle doves or two pigeons were acceptable. Mary and Joseph could only afford two pigeons. – Slide 7
Just then, Simeon arrived at the temple and noticed a young couple holding a baby. At once Simeon knew this Baby was God’s Son, the Saviour, that God had promised to send. – Slide 8
Simeon went up to Mary and Joseph and asked to hold the Baby to bless it. – Slide 9
He prayed, ‘Oh Lord, blessed be Your name, now I may depart in peace. For my eyes have seen Your salvation that You have prepared for all people. A light to show Your truth to all nations and to be the glory of Israel!’ – Slide 10
There was also an old prophetess, a widow named Anna, who was now eighty-four years old. She lived next to the temple, daily praying and serving God. – Slide 11
She too knew that Baby Jesus was the promised Saviour of the world. She started telling everyone, ‘The Messiah is among us. The baby has been born. Praise God!’ – Slide 12
Mary was thrilled at what she heard from Simeon and Anna and treasured them in her heart. – Slide 13
Then Mary and Joseph returned home to look after Baby Jesus – God’s Son – the promised Saviour of the world. – Slide 14
Slide 15