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Zacchaeus meets Jesus

A cheating tax collector repents.
Contributed by Didier Martin
Jesus was on His way to the city of Jericho when He passed by a place where Zacchaeus, a very short man, lived. Zacchaeus was a tax collector and very rich. Nobody liked him because he took people’s hard-earned money. – Slide 1
Zacchaeus had heard about Jesus and wanted to see Jesus, but because he was so short, he couldn’t see over the crowd. Zacchaeus had an idea! – Slide 2
He ran down the road and climbed up into a sycamore tree. He was sure he’d be able to see Jesus passing on the road from the tree. – Slide 3
As Jesus walked with His disciples, many people crowded around to see Him. Zacchaeus had the best view of all because he was up in a tree! – Slide 4
When Jesus walked under the tree, He looked up and called out to Zacchaeus. ‘Come down, Zacchaeus!’ Jesus said. ‘I want to go to your house.’ – Slide 5
Zacchaeus was very happy that Jesus wanted to visit him. He jumped down from the tree and ran ahead to welcome Jesus to his home. Some people were angry that Jesus would want to spend time with a man like Zacchaeus. They didn’t like Zacchaeus and were upset that he took more money than he should from people when he collected taxes. – Slide 6
Zacchaeus was sorry for the bad things he had done. And after talking with Jesus, he wanted to right his wrongs. – Slide 7
‘I am sorry,’ he told Jesus. ‘I will now give half of all my possessions to the poor and repay anyone I have wrongfully taken money from.’ – Slide 8
Jesus was pleased with Zacchaeus’s choice to do what was right. ‘Today,’ Jesus said, ‘salvation has come to this house.’ <br/>Zacchaeus was glad to find forgiveness and happiness once again. By doing what was right, he made many new friends. – Slide 9
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