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Jesus appears to His disciples and Thomas

All the disciples discover that Jesus is alive.
Contributed by D.S.art
Earlier that morning, three days after Jesus had died, women had visited the tomb and found it was empty. An angel had told them, ‘Jesus is alive! – Slide 1
That evening Jesus’ friends met in a large room and locked the doors. – Slide 2
Suddenly Jesus appeared right in the middle of them. ‘Peace be with you,’ He said. – Slide 3
Jesus showed them the wounds in His hands and side. The disciples knew that Jesus was alive and they were so happy! – Slide 4
One of Jesus’ friends called Thomas had not been in the room when Jesus appeared. – Slide 5
‘Jesus is alive! We saw Him!’ Jesus’ friends told Thomas. <br/>‘I won’t believe you until I see Jesus with my own eyes,’ he said. – Slide 6
Thomas had doubts. ‘How can anyone rise from the dead?’ he asked. ‘Unless I see the wounds in Jesus’ hands and feet I will not believe!’ – Slide 7
A week later, the friends met in the large room once again and locked the doors. This time Thomas was with them. – Slide 8
Suddenly Jesus was standing right there in the room, even though the door was shut! Everyone was surprised to see Him, especially Thomas. – Slide 9
‘Don’t be frightened,’ Jesus said to Thomas. ‘It really is me. Stop doubting and believe. Thomas, touch my hands and see that I am alive.’ – Slide 10
‘Look Thomas, here is the wound in my side,’ said Jesus. – Slide 11
Thomas now knew that Jesus was alive! He had no doubts. ‘My Lord and my God,’ he exclaimed. – Slide 12
Jesus replied, ‘‘Thomas, you are glad now. But you believe I am alive only because you have seen Me with your very own eyes. God is more pleased with those who believe in Me, although they have never seen Me.’ – Slide 13
Slide 14