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Jesus appears to two of His friends

Two disciples walking to Emmaus meet Jesus.
Contributed by D.S.art
Two of Jesus’ friends were walking along the road to Emmaus feeling very sad. While they had been in Jerusalem Jesus had died on the cross. They were feeling upset. – Slide 1
While they were talking, a stranger began to walk with them. ‘Why are you so sad?’ he asked.  <br/>They told the stranger about Jesus and how He had died. – Slide 2
The stranger explained that Jesus dying was all part of God’s plan so we could be forgiven. ‘It’s all written in the Bible,’ he said. ‘God sent His Son to take the punishment we deserve for doing wrong. And he explained why Jesus had to die so we could be forgiven. – Slide 3
When they got to the village of Emmaus they invited the stranger to join them for a meal. – Slide 4
The stranger took the bread, broke it, and thanked God that Jesus had died for them. At that moment the two men suddenly realised who the stranger was. It was Jesus! He was alive! God had raised Him from the dead! – Slide 5
The moment they realised it was Jesus He disappeared from their sight. But they had no doubts it was Jesus who had broken bread with them. – Slide 6
The two men quickly rushed back to Jerusalem to tell others the good news. ‘Jesus is alive!’ – Slide 7
Slide 8