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The birth of Jesus

Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem.
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Before Mary gave birth, the Emperor Augustus ordered a census to be taken throughout the Roman Empire. Everyone had to register in their home town. – Slide 1
As Mary and Joseph were descendants from the family tree of King David they needed to travel to the town of Bethlehem. The town was full of noise, of people, of animals, all trying to find somewhere to rest. – Slide 2
Joseph asked if there was a room at one of the local inns for them to stay. ‘I’m sorry we are full,’ was the reply. – Slide 3
It was the same response at the next inn. ‘A room? You must be joking! We are so full I hardly have a space to sleep myself.’ – Slide 4
‘I’m really sorry,’ said another innkeeper. ‘We are full. But, there is the stable.’<br/>‘We’ll take anything,’ Joseph replied. – Slide 5
The innkeeper led them to his stable. ‘At least it is warm and dry. It’s better than being outside.’ – Slide 6
Joseph made Mary as comfortable as he could. – Slide 7
That night, Mary gave birth to a baby Boy. She wrapped Him in cloths and placed Him in a manger. – Slide 8
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