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Noah is rescued from the flood

Noah and his family are delivered from the flood.
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The human race had become so wicked and violent that God said, ‘I will wipe out the people I have created and with them the animals and birds. I regret that I have made them.’ – Slide 1
But one man stood out as being different. He was Noah, a righteous man who obeyed God. God told Noah He was planning to destroy life on earth with a great flood. He then gave Noah instructions to build a huge box-shaped boat called an Ark. He promised that Noah and all on board the Ark would be rescued from the flood and kept alive. – Slide 2
So Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, started to build the Ark out of cypress wood. It was 443ft (135m) long, 23m wide and 75ft (14m) high. – Slide 3
Wicked people looked on mocking Noah and his family. – Slide 4
Noah did everything just as God commanded him. – Slide 5
God then sent seven pairs, male and female, of every clean animal and bird to Noah. Clean animals were those people could eat. A pair of each unclean animals, unfit for eating, was also sent. Noah, his family and all the animals went on board the Ark. – Slide 6
Animals, male and female of every kind went on board along with Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. Then God closed the door of the Ark to keep them safe. – Slide 7
Seven days later, just as God had said, a great flood came. For 40 days, it rained and waters burst out from deep springs under the earth. Soon the waters covered the highest mountains. – Slide 8
Every living thing was wiped out. Only Noah and those on the Ark were kept alive. The Ark floated safely for 150 days. – Slide 9
As the waters went down, Noah sent out a dove but it returned unable to find dry land. A week later when he sent it out again it returned with a fresh olive leaf in its mouth. A week later the dove was sent out again and this time it did not return. So Noah knew some of the land was dry. – Slide 10
A month later the land was completely dry. The Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. Noah his family and the animals emerged safely from the Ark. – Slide 11
Noah built an altar to worship the Lord. God then set a rainbow in the sky as a sign that He promised never to flood the whole earth again or destroy all living creatures. He also promised that seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night would never cease. – Slide 12
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