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Peter tries to walk on water

Jesus walks on water but Peter sinks.
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After a busy day of teaching and feeding more than 5000 people, Jesus insisted that His disciples get back into the boat and head across the lake to Bethsaida, while He sent the people home. After seeing them sail off, He went up into the hills by Himself to pray. – Slide 1
Late that night, the disciples were in their boat in the middle of the lake. Jesus was alone on land. – Slide 2
Jesus saw that the disciples were in great difficulty. A strong wind had risen, and they were fighting heavy waves. – Slide 3
About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came toward them, walking on the water. – Slide 4
Jesus intended to walk past them, but when they saw him walking on the water, they cried out in terror, thinking He was a ghost.  They were all so terrified. – Slide 5
But Jesus called out to them. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ He said. ‘Take courage. I am here!’ – Slide 6
Peter shouted to Jesus, ‘Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.’ <br/>‘Yes, come,’ Jesus replied. – Slide 7
So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. – Slide 8
But when Peter saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. ‘Save me, Lord!’ he shouted. – Slide 9
Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. ‘You have so little faith,’ Jesus said. ‘Why did you doubt me?’ – Slide 10
When they climbed back into the boat, the wind stopped. Then the disciples worshiped Jesus. ‘You really are the Son of God!’ they exclaimed. – Slide 11
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