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The ten plagues of Egypt

God sends plagues when Pharaoh refuses to listen.
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God had told Moses to go to Pharaoh with a message to let the Hebrew slaves go so they could worship God in the wilderness. – Slide 1
But Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrew slaves go. So God said He would send plagues on Egypt. God told Moses and Aaron to go down to the River Nile where Pharaoh went in the morning. – Slide 2
Aaron struck the River Nile with his staff. The water was changed to blood. Fish died, the Egyptians could not drink the water and the river smelt. Pharaoh’s magicians did the same thing by their secret arts. Pharaoh refused to obey God and turned and went back to the palace. – Slide 3
Seven days later, God told Moses to tell Aaron to stretch his staff over the streams, canals and ponds to make frogs come out onto the land. <br/>‘Pray to your God to take the frogs away from my people and I will let your people go,’ promised Pharaoh. When Moses prayed, the frogs died. But Pharaoh did not keep his promise to let the Hebrew slaves go. – Slide 4
So, God told Moses to tell Aaron to strike the dust with his staff and the dust would become gnats. Gnats swarmed on people and animals everywhere. Pharaoh still had a hard heart and refused to let the Hebrews go and worship God. – Slide 5
Next, dense swarms of flies buzzed around the Egyptians but not the Hebrew slaves living in Goshen. Pharaoh begged Moses to pray to God to stop the plague. Moses prayed and the flies left, but Pharaoh went back on his promise and refused to free the slaves. – Slide 6
Moses went to Pharaoh again. ‘If you refuse to let my people go, tomorrow God will bring a terrible plague on your horses, donkeys, camels, cattle sheep and goats. But livestock of the slaves will be spared.’ And that’s what happened. But Pharaoh still refused to release the slaves. – Slide 7
So Moses took soot from a furnace and threw it into the air in front of Pharaoh. <br/>‘God says, this soot will become a fine dust and people and animals will get festering boils.’ <br/>Pharaoh’s magicians could not stand before Moses because of the boils that broke out on them and the Egyptians. But Pharaoh still refused to let God’s people go. – Slide 8
Next God sent a ferocious hailstorm. Lightning filled the skies and large hailstones came pounding down. Those caught outside were killed. But the storm did not hit the slaves living in Goshen. <br/>‘I have sinned. The Lord is right,’ Pharaoh told Moses. <br/>‘I will let you go.’ But when God stopped the storm Pharaoh changed his mind. – Slide 9
So, Moses raised his staff over Egypt. An east wind blew all night, bringing in a swarm of locusts. They covered the ground, making it look black and ate everything growing in the fields until nothing green remained on plant or tree. Pharaoh begged Moses to pray and stop the plague and then he would free the slaves. <br/>Moses prayed and the wind changed direction blowing the locusts into the Red Sea. But once more Pharaoh changed his mind. – Slide 10
Moses stretched out his hands and total darkness came over the land for three days. Only in Goshen where the Hebrew slaves lived was there light. Pharaoh summoned Moses. ‘Go and worship God. Take your women and children as well but you must leave your animals behind.’ <br/>‘Our animals must travel with us,’ insisted Moses. ‘Some are needed to offer sacrifices to God.’ <br/>‘Get out of my sight,’ ordered Pharaoh. ‘Don’t ever appear before me again. If you do, you will die.’ – Slide 11
‘Just as you say,’ replied Moses. ‘I won’t appear before you again. But God has one more plague to send. About midnight the firstborn son of every family and animal will die and there will be weeping and wailing everywhere - except among God’s people.’ – Slide 12
Moses told the Hebrew slaves to sacrifice a lamb and put some of the blood around the door frames of their houses. At midnight, the firstborn son of every Egyptian family was found dead but all in the houses with blood around the door frames were spared. <br/>Pharaoh summoned Moses and said, ‘Up. Leave my people and go and worship the Lord God. Take your families and animals with you. Please bless me.’ – Slide 13
However, once the slaves had gone, Pharaoh changed his mind. He got in his chariot and gathered all his troops and 600 chariots to chase after the escaping Hebrews. He had them trapped in front of the Red Sea. – Slide 14
But God opened up a path through the Red Sea for His people to cross to the other side. Pharaoh ordered his troops and chariots to chase along the path through the sea with walls of water built up on both sides. – Slide 15
With the Hebrew slaves safely on the other side God told Moses to raise his hands over the sea. At daybreak the walls of waters collapsed, and the dry path disappeared. The whole army of Pharaoh were swept away. No-one survived. <br/>Moses and the people on the shore knew God had delivered them just as He had promised and put their trust in Him. – Slide 16
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