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Ravens fed Elijah

Ravens feed Elijah as he hides from King Ahab.
Contributed by Sweet Publishing
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King Ahab and Queen Jezebel ruled the Northern Kingdom of Israel. They encouraged people to worship false gods. – Slide 1
Some of God’s prophets were executed and others were forced into hiding in fear of their lives. Prophets of Baal took control of the worship instead. People thought Baal had the power to control the weather and bring good harvests. – Slide 2
Elijah was one of God’s prophets from Tishbe in Gilead. He warned people to turn away from Baal worship and obey God. The Lord then told Elijah to deliver a message to King Ahab. – Slide 3
Elijah warned the King, ‘As the Lord God of Israel lives, whom I serve, there will be no dew or rain in the next few years until I say so.’ – Slide 4
God then told Elijah to head east and cross the river Jordan. – Slide 5
God had a hiding place for Elijah in a ravine that had a small brook known as Kerith. – Slide 6
God told Elijah he would get the water from the brook. – Slide 7
And that ravens would supply him with food. – Slide 8
Just as Elijah had said there was no rain or dew. People called on Baal to help them but the ground became dry and the harvests failed. – Slide 9
Ravens, normally selfish birds, brought Elijah bread and meat in the morning and evening. He drank water from Brook Kerith. – Slide 10
Months and then years went by without dew or rain. People struggled to find water for themselves and their cattle. Food supplies got low and people began to starve. Baal did not come to their rescue. – Slide 11
Without rain, even the Brook Kerith dried up. God told Elijah to leave the ravine and head north as He had directed a widow to provide food and water for him. – Slide 12
Elijah headed out of the ravine towards the country of Phoenicia. – Slide 13
Once across the border he headed for Zarephath where God had told Elijah he would find the widow. – Slide 14
As the situation got worse in Israel, King Ahab kept up the search to find Elijah but no-one could find him. No dew or rain fell for over three years. – Slide 15
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