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Ezekiel's vision of the Temple: Part 1

Ezekiel's vision of a 'man with the appearance of bronze'.
Contributed by Biblia Prints
In the 25th year of exile in Babylon, God brought Ezekiel to Israel in a vision. He saw a ‘man with the appearance of bronze’ holding a linen cord and measuring rod in his hand. Ezekiel was shown a wall all around the outside of the Temple area. The length of the measuring rod in the man's hand was six long cubits, each being a cubit and a handbreadth in length. The ‘man’ measured the thickness of the wall, as one reed (10.2ft - 3.108m) and the height as one reed. – Slide 1
Then he went into the gateway facing east, going up its steps, and measured the threshold of the gate, one reed deep. – Slide 2
The side rooms were one reed long and one reed broad. The space between the side rooms was five cubits. The threshold of the gate at the inner end was one reed. – Slide 3
The vestibule of the gateway, on the inside, was one reed. The vestibule of the inner gateway measured 8 cubits and its jambs, 2 cubits. – Slide 4
There were three guard chambers of the same size on either side of the East Gate. – Slide 5
The side pillars between the rooms were of the same size also. – Slide 6
The opening of the gateway was 10 cubits and the length 13 cubits. – Slide 7
There was a low barrier in front of each of the side rooms, one cubit high. Each room was 6 cubits square. – Slide 8
The width of the gateway was 25 cubits from one parapet opening to the opposite one. – Slide 9
The ‘man’ measured along the faces of the projecting walls all around the inside of the gateway – sixty cubits. – Slide 10
The distance from the entrance of the gateway to the far end of its portico was fifty cubits. – Slide 11
There were windows that narrowed inward through the walls along both sides of the passageway and along the guardroom walls. The windows were also in the exit and in the entrance halls. – Slide 12
The faces of the projecting walls were decorated with palm trees. – Slide 13
In the vision Ezekiel was taken through the passageway to the inner courtyard. – Slide 14
A stone pavement, called the lower pavement, ran around the inner courtyard. – Slide 15
Thirty rooms were built against the walls, opening onto this pavement. – Slide 16
The pavement was the same length as the gates. – Slide 17
There was a gateway at a higher level that led to the inner courtyard. The man measured the distance between the two gateways, as 100 cubits. – Slide 18
Then the ‘man’ measured the gateway on the north side that led into the outer courtyard. It had the same measurements as those in the East Gateway. The entrance room, the windows, and the carved palm trees were like those in the east gate. Seven steps led up to the gate. – Slide 19
Across the courtyard from this north gateway was another gateway leading to the inner courtyard, just as there was on the east side. The man measured the distance between these two gateways, and it was 100 cubits. – Slide 20
Next, the ‘man’ took Ezekiel to the south side where he saw another gateway the same size and decoration as the East and North Gates. Seven steps led up to it. – Slide 21
The ‘man’ took Ezekiel through the south gateway into the inner courtyard. He measured the gateway, and it was the same size as the gateways in the outer wall. – Slide 22
Ezekiel was then taken through the East Gate to the inner courtyard. Its guardrooms, its entrance room, and its inner walls measured the same as those in the other gateways. Palm trees were carved on the walls along the passageway. Eight steps led up to this gate. – Slide 23
The ‘man’ then took Ezekiel to the North Gateway. It was the same size as the others and like them, had guardrooms, decorated inner walls, an entrance room, and windows all around. Eight steps led up to this gate. – Slide 24
In the outer courtyard there was an annex on the north side. It opened into the entrance room that faced the courtyard, and there they washed the carcasses of the animals to be burned whole as sacrifices. – Slide 25
In the porch of the gate were four tables, two on each side of the room. It was on these tables that they killed the animals to be offered as sacrifices. – Slide 26
Outside the entry hall, on each side of the stairs going up to the north entrance, there were two more tables. So, in all there were eight tables, four inside and four outside, where the sacrifices were cut up and prepared. – Slide 27
There were also four stone tables where the butchering knives and other implements were laid. – Slide 28
These stone tables were 1 cubit. – Slide 29
They had an overlapping ledge the width of a hand. – Slide 30
In the inner court there stood a building beside the northern entrance, facing south, for the priests who guarded the temple. – Slide 31
Beside the southern entrance, facing north, was the room for the priests who guarded the altar. – Slide 32
Ezekiel was then brought to the entrance hall of the Temple. Ten steps led up to it from the inner court. Its walls extended up on either side to form two pillars. – Slide 33
The projecting walls were 3 cubits wide. – Slide 34
The entry hall was 20 cubits wide … – Slide 35
… and 11 cubits deep. – Slide 36
Slide 37