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Ezekiel's vision of the Temple: Part 3

Ezekiel's vision of the outer courts of the temple.
Contributed by Biblia Prints
In Ezekiel’s vision the ‘man’ led him through the north gate out into the outer courtyard. – Slide 1
Here were buildings with many rooms where the priests would eat the most holy offerings (v13). – Slide 2
The building whose door faced north was 100 cubits long and the building opposite it was 50 cubits in length. – Slide 3
The rooms were in three tiers, overlooking the outer court on one side. – Slide 4
In front of the rooms was an inner passageway ten cubits wide and a hundred cubits long. – Slide 5
The upper two tiers of rooms were not as wide as the lower one, because the upper tiers had wider walkways beside them. – Slide 6
There was a wall, 50 cubits long, that was parallel to the rooms and ran along the outer courtyard. The row of rooms that ran along the outer courtyard was also 50 cubits long. – Slide 7
On the south side, by the restricted area, there were buildings like those on the north side. – Slide 8
When the man had finished measuring inside the Temple area he brought Ezekiel out through the East gate and measured all around that area. – Slide 9
It was 500 reeds square (KJV - note modern translations have this at 500 cubits). The surrounding wall separated the holy from the outside areas. – Slide 10
Note: These images are artistic representations of Ezekiel’s vision based on the Biblical account, created from a 3D rendered model by Biblia Prints. There is debate over the exact length of a long cubit (a cubit and a handwidth) in Ezekiel’s vision. – Slide 11