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Abram's Altars

Abram arrives in Canaan and builds two altars.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Abram, Sarai, and Lot packed their bags and left Haran behind. <br/>They saddled their camels, not knowing what they would find. – Slide 1
They traveled to Shechem, a very busy city. <br/>They visited the shops and met other people. <br/>Then Abram trekked through the hills so pretty. He stopped at the tree of Moreh, away from the townspeople. – Slide 2
God appeared to Abram, at Moreh, by a large oak tree. <br/>‘To your offspring I will give this land,’ said He.  <br/>Then Abram quickly built an altar.  <br/>He worshiped God without falter. – Slide 3
Abram, Sarai, and Lot traveled down the countryside. <br/>They stopped for a while on the west of Ai. <br/>Then they traveled towards Bethel’s eastern hills.  <br/>Abram wanted God’s blessing and followed God’s will. – Slide 4
Abram remembered what God said at Moreh, by the tree.  <br/>‘To your offspring, I will give this land,’ said He. Then Abram quickly built another altar.  <br/>He worshiped God without falter. – Slide 5
Abram built two altars to worship God. One by the tree of Moreh, and one in Bethel’s east hills. <br/>Through Canaan Abram, Sarai, and Lot once more trod to the desert of Negev following God’s will. – Slide 6
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