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Abram goes to Egypt

Abram tells Pharaoh that Sarai is his sister.
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Abram, Sarai, and Lot followed God’s command. Through the Negev desert they traveled around. <br/>But, there was a great famine in the land. Food was scarce and the plants died in the ground. – Slide 1
They left their own land against God’s command. <br/>To Egypt they were bound, where food could be found. – Slide 2
But, Egypt had many dangers and Sarai was very pretty. <br/>Abram told Sarai to lie and say to the strangers. “Say you’re my sister so we will be safe in this dangerous city.” – Slide 3
The Egyptians took Sarai to Pharaoh’s household, but bad things began to happen. <br/>Pharaoh’s family got sick, both young and old and Sarai was under suspicion. – Slide 4
Pharaoh found out about the lie. <br/>Back to Abram he returned Sarai. <br/>Pharaoh listened to God and did not hurt them.  <br/>He told everyone, ‘They are under God’s protection!’ – Slide 5
Abram, Sarai, and Lot left Egypt with all their goods. Hagar the slave joined their caravan. <br/>They carried with them all that they could and travelled back to their own land. – Slide 6
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