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The Pharaoh of Egypt threw Abram and Sarai out!  <br/>With Lot and Hagar they traveled about. <br/>Through the Negev Desert they did roam, where they settled and made their home. – Slide 1
God made Abram and Lot very, very wealthy. <br/>Abram went back to the altar by Bethel with a sacrifice of thanksgiving. <br/>He thanked God for making them rich and keeping them healthy. <br/>He thanked God for the animals, tents, and all of the blessings. – Slide 2
But there were so many animals to keep safe and sound. <br/>Too many for the workers to feed and keep safe. <br/>The workers of Lot fought with the workers of Abram. <br/>There wasn’t enough food and the animals were not safe. – Slide 3
Abram knew his flocks needed space, and Lot’s flocks needed space, too. <br/>Abram said to Lot, ‘We are family and I love you, but we must each go our own way. <br/>You pick the land you want to move your flocks too, and I will go the opposite way.’ – Slide 4
Lot chose the land east toward Jordan that had many green pastures. <br/>He hugged Abram and took his flocks so they could be fed well and cared for. <br/>Abram remained in Canaan and avoided disaster. <br/>There was enough food for all, the fighting had stopped, and there was peace in the camp once more. – Slide 5
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