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Abram and Sarai

Abram and Sarai obey God and move to Canaan.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
In the city of Haran, in a very nice house, lived a very old man with his very old spouse. <br/>Abram and Sarai were their names. They lived with their family and got along with everyone, but they didn’t have children and wanted a son. – Slide 1
God spoke to Abram, this very old man. <br/>God told Abram it was time to leave Haran. <br/>‘You and Sarai must go, you must obey Me and I will take care of your family.’ – Slide 2
God made seven promises to Abram, if he would pack his bags and follow directions. <br/>‘Abram,’ God said, ‘your family will grow and become a nation. <br/>I will bless you beyond your imagination.’ – Slide 3
‘Your name will be known throughout the land, <br/>and you’ll do good things for others, you will be so grand! <br/>‘Those who love you, I will bless them, too.’ – Slide 4
‘But those who don’t like you, won’t be able to hurt you. <br/>‘You will bless the whole world, every person, every nation! <br/>‘You will bless everyone beyond their imagination!’ – Slide 5
So Abram and Sarai packed their bags. <br/>They hugged everyone goodbye and left Haran. <br/>Lot, their nephew, a strong willed young man, decided to join them as they left Haran. – Slide 6
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