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Three visitors

Abram entertains three visitors.
Story also available on our translated website: Hindi
Abraham pitched his tent under Mamre’s great oak trees. <br/>He stared into the distance one day. <br/>What did he see? <br/>Three men walking towards him in the heat of the day. – Slide 1
Abraham ran towards the men and bowed at their feet. <br/>He invited them to his home so they could rest. <br/>Abraham offered them shade to cool off and water to wash their feet. <br/>He said, ‘Please stay for dinner and be my house guest.’ <br/>‘Very well,’  they responded, ‘we accept your request.’ – Slide 2
Abraham hurried to Sarah’s tent and told her to bake bread. <br/>Then he ordered his servant to prepare the meat. <br/>The table was laid with milk, meat, and bread. <br/>He stood under a tree and watched the men eat. – Slide 3
The men asked Abraham, ‘Where is Sarah, your wife so dear?’ <br/>Abraham responded, ‘She is here, inside the tent.’ <br/>The man said, ‘This time next year, Sarah will give birth to your son. My promise will be kept!’ – Slide 4
Sarah heard what the man said as she sat inside the tent. <br/>“How can Abraham and I have a child in our old age? We are spent!” <br/>She covered her mouth and laughed as she sat inside the tent. – Slide 5
The man spoke, “Why did Sarah laugh as she sat inside her tent? <br/>‘Why did she think you're both too old, I said exactly what I meant! <br/>‘Let me be clear! This time next year, Sarah will give birth to a son.  <br/>Isaac, which means “laughter” will be his name. <br/>‘Through him the Messiah will come, and the world will never be the same.’ – Slide 6
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