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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve face the consequences of sin.
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God made Adam and Eve and they were all so happy. They were best friends who loved each other. The beautiful garden of Eden was their home and they all trusted and celebrated one another. – Slide 1
God said to Adam, ‘You must understand, do not eat the fruit of this one tree, or you will die! Please obey this important command!’ – Slide 2
There was a snake in the garden full of lies, poison, and hate. He was jealous watching God and Adam and Eve celebrate.  He didn’t want them to be friends. He wanted to ruin their friendship and bring it to an end. – Slide 3
The crafty snake shimmied up to Eve and whispered in her ear, ‘What did God actually say? Don’t eat the fruit? Don’t even go near? <br/>Don’t trust God, He told you a lie! <br/>He doesn’t want you to be wise. Eat the fruit, you won’t die!’ – Slide 4
Eve took a bite and shared it with Adam. They were filled with shame and sorrow. They realised that they were naked and started to grieve. They hid in the shadows and made clothes out of leaves. – Slide 5
Then God came to the garden and called out their names, ‘Where are you, Adam? Where are you, Eve?’ <br/>They wouldn’t answer because of their shame. ‘Why do you hide? Did you eat the fruit of a certain tree?’ – Slide 6
They answered, ‘Yes! We ate the fruit of that certain tree!’ <br/>Adam blurted out, ‘It was the fault of this woman you gave to me!’ <br/>Eve cried, ‘It was the snake who told me lies! He promised me that I would be wise!’ – Slide 7
God cursed the lying snake forever to be the lowliest of all the wildlife. ‘The snake will crawl on its belly, and eat nasty old dust all they days of its life.’ – Slide 8
God and Adam and Eve could no longer celebrate. Adam and Eve had believed the snake, full of lies and poison and hate. As they did not trust God their lives would be very hard and they were barred from their beautiful garden of Eden. Now they knew that one day they would die, all because they believed the snake’s evil lie. – Slide 9
But God made a promise to Adam and Eve. One day a special baby would be born who will defeat the snake once and for all. And the people will no longer mourn. <br/>Once again people will trust God and celebrate. They will love God, love others, and learn not to hate. – Slide 10
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