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The first Christmas

God's son, Jesus, is born in Bethlehem.
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Nazareth was a little town … <br/>Where a girl named Mary could be found. <br/>Mary loved God and she loved to pray. <br/>Then, something amazing happened one day. – Slide 1
The angel Gabriel came to Mary and told her she was chosen, ‘Mary, you will have a special baby. He will be God’s gift to the world.’ <br/>Mary answered, ‘But I have no husband, how can this happen?’ <br/>Gabriel said, ‘Your baby will be the Son of God, He will save the people from their sin and bring the world back to God again.’ <br/>Mary said, ‘The mother of the Son of God I will be. Let it happen as you say. I love God and I will obey.’ – Slide 2
In Nazareth, this little town, a man called Joseph could be found. <br/>The angel Gabriel visited Joseph and called him by name, ‘Joseph! Mary will have a baby, the Son of God, a little boy. <br/>His name must be Jesus, and He will bring you so much joy! <br/>God knows you love Mary so make her your wife. <br/>Be a good father to Jesus all of your life.’ – Slide 3
When it was time for Jesus’ birth there was so much that had to be done. <br/>Everyone had to register and travel to their home town. <br/>To Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary must go. <br/>Joseph packed the donkey and carried Mary in tow. – Slide 4
That night they reached Bethlehem but there were no rooms to be found. <br/>The baby was coming! Mary and Joseph needed a place to be safe and sound. – Slide 5
So Joseph and Mary stayed with the animals, all clean and cosy and warm. <br/>In that lowly manger the sweet baby Jesus was born. – Slide 6
Angels filled the sky over the hills. <br/>The shepherds were terrified and stood very still. <br/>‘Go find the Baby that was born this night. <br/>‘He will bring the world goodness and light! <br/>‘Glory to God in the Highest!’ the angels did sing. <br/>‘Peace on earth! Goodwill to all men! That’s what God brings!’ – Slide 7
The shepherds ran down from the hills. <br/>They saw baby Jesus and stood very still. <br/>They worshipped and bowed down, and told everyone in town. <br/>Goodwill and peace on earth is what God brings. <br/>Born this day is God’s Son, the newborn King. – Slide 8
In the sky appeared a bright star, seen by the wise men who lived very far. <br/>The meaning of this special star was clear. <br/>The newborn King has arrived, He is here. <br/>They packed up their riches and camels and travelled. – Slide 9
At King Herod’s castle they searched for the new born King, because they had precious gifts to bring. <br/>But, they were told to go to Bethlehem. – Slide 10
The wise men left Herod’s and they followed the star. <br/>The mother and child weren’t very far. <br/>They found Him in Bethlehem as they were told, <br/>and gave Him gifts of myrrh, frankincense, and gold. – Slide 11
In their sleep that night, the wise men did dream. <br/>An angel told them not to tell Herod where they had been. <br/>Herod was jealous and wanted to kill the babe. <br/>Go home another way and do not delay! – Slide 12
When King Herod did not hear from the wise men he realized that they had run away. <br/>He called his soldiers to kill all the babies without delay. – Slide 13
But the angel spoke to Joseph in his sleep at night. <br/>He said, ‘Do not be in a fright. <br/>You must take the baby and his mother and run. <br/>The king’s soldiers are about to come. <br/>God will keep you safe and sound. <br/>Stay in Egypt until Herod’s no longer around.’ – Slide 14
To Egypt, Joseph and Mary and Jesus must go. <br/>Joseph packed the camel with Mary and Jesus in tow. <br/>God would keep His promise to save the world from their sin. <br/>Jesus would bring people back to God again. – Slide 15
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