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David vs Goliath

David trusts God to help him overcome a giant.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
The Philistines and Israel were at war. King Saul and his men were scared because of the giant Goliath of Gath, and the armour he wore. No man would fight him, they wouldn’t dare. – Slide 1
Sometime before, the prophet Samuel had anointed David with oil. He would be king of Israel someday and to God he would always be loyal. – Slide 2
David’s brothers were with King Saul while David was at home taking care of the sheep. Jesse sent David to bring food to them all. He packed his bags with food to eat. – Slide 3
When David arrived he saw Goliath of Gath. He was a giant who stood very tall. Goliath was cursing God and pouring out his wrath. David heard his words and was appalled. – Slide 4
David wanted to fight the giant and when Saul heard of his bravery he had him brought to his tent. He gave David his armour to fight Goliath but David didn’t consent. – Slide 5
‘It’s too big for me to wear and I must fight to win. With a stone, I have killed a lion and the bear. The Lord is with me and we will win.’ – Slide 6
David picked 5 stones from the river and stood before Goliath without dread. Goliath called David terrible names. – Slide 7
Goliath shouted, ‘Why do you send me a boy with stones and a sling? Is this the best your king can bring?’ – Slide 8
David put a stone in his slingshot and swung it round his head. The stone flew out and it hit Goliath on his head. Goliath fell dead and put his army to shame. – Slide 9
The Philistines were terrified and with a loud yelp they turned around and ran away. David won the battle with the Lord’s help and Israel rejoiced that day! – Slide 10
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