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David's Promise

David, Jonathan and disabled Mephibosheth.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
David is King of Judah, but the people were sad about the death of Saul.<br/> They were sad to lose Jonathan and some did not want David to be their king. Their loyalty remained with the House of Saul. – Slide 1
For many years, the House of David and the House of Saul were at war. <br/>The House of David was much stronger, and the House of Saul could not be restored. <br/>David’s army was victorious and Saul’s army was defeated.  <br/>Now the crown belonged to David and on Israel’s throne he is seated. – Slide 2
Years before David promised Jonathan to take care of his family. <br/>David had searched for Jonathan’s relatives so he could bless them graciously. – Slide 3
Jonathan had a son who survived the war. Mephibosheth was his name. <br/>His nurse dropped him when he was small. His legs were broken and he was lame. – Slide 4
David’s servants found out where Mephibosheth was hiding. <br/>He was brought before David but inside he was shaking. – Slide 5
‘Jonathan, your father, was my dear friend. Don’t be afraid, Mephibosheth,’ David said. <br/>‘You will inherit your father’s land. Your servants will work the ground and bake your bread.’ – Slide 6
‘But you, Mephibosheth, will eat with me. <br/>Like my own son, you will be.’ <br/>David kept his promise to Jonathan’s heir. <br/>Mephibosheth remained under David’s care. – Slide 7
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