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Rebekah was Isaac’s bride and they were a happy pair. <br/>But they couldn’t have children for twenty years. <br/>Isaac prayed for Rebekah and God answered his prayer. <br/>Rebekah became pregnant and they were full of good cheer! – Slide 1
Rebekah’s womb grew bigger she felt a great struggle. <br/>She asked God, ‘What is all this punching I feel inside?  <br/>Why do I feel there is trouble?’ – Slide 2
God replied, ‘Two baby boys are growing inside. They will make two separate nations and live two separate lives. <br/>One nation will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger.’ – Slide 3
Twin baby boys were born just as God had said. <br/> The first baby was covered with red hair. <br/>They called him Esau because red hair was so rare. – Slide 4
The second baby struggled to be firstborn.  <br/>He grabbed his brother’s heel as he was being born.  <br/>They called him Jacob because he grabbed Esau’s heel. <br/>God’s destiny for each of these boys will soon be revealed. – Slide 5
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