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Hagar and Ishmael

God looks after Ishmael in the desert.
Story also available on our translated website: Hindi
Baby Isaac grew strong and began to walk and talk. <br/>Abraham was proud and held a great banquet. <br/>But Ishmael was jealous of Isaac and began to mock. <br/>Sarah became upset and voiced her regret. – Slide 1
‘Abraham, get rid of Hagar and get rid of her son. <br/>Ishmael mocks Isaac because he is jealous. <br/>He cannot share inheritance with my son! <br/>Ishmael is very rebellious.’ – Slide 2
Abraham became upset. <br/>He had to send Ishmael and his mother away. <br/>But God spoke to Abraham, ‘Don’t be distressed. <br/>Listen to Sarah and I will make sure everything is ok.’ – Slide 3
‘It is through Isaac that my promise must be kept. <br/>Ishmael is rebellious but he is your son. <br/>So I will bless Ishmael and he will become a great nation. <br/>But they must leave your camp, make sure they are gone.’ – Slide 4
Through the Beersheba Desert they made their trek. <br/>The desert was very hot and they ran out of water. – Slide 5
Hagar laid Ishmael in the shade because he was dying of thirst. <br/>She wept because they couldn't go any farther. <br/>If Ishmael died, her heart would just burst! – Slide 6
The Angel of the Lord asked Hagar, ‘Don’t be afraid. What do you need?’ <br/>The Lord heard Ishmael crying and sent help right away. <br/>‘Ishmael will be fine, this I can guarantee. <br/>‘See, there is a well just a little further away. <br/>‘Take the boy by the hand and let him drink all he can. <br/>‘It is his destiny to become a great nation.’ – Slide 7
God was with Ishmael all the days of his life. <br/>He lived in the desert and became a famous archer.  <br/>Hagar went to Egypt and found him a wife.  <br/>Ishmael thrived since his departure. – Slide 8
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