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Hannah's Prayer

God answers Hannah's prayer for a son.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Hannah and Elkanah were married. They loved each other very much. <br/>Hannah wanted a baby boy to carry, but no baby came. She cried so very much. – Slide 1
Hannah and Elkanah loved God a great deal. <br/>They would visit His holy Temple every year and celebrate with a big meal. <br/>But, this year, Hannah wasn’t hungry. – Slide 2
So Hannah left the table. She went to the altar on her own. <br/>Hannah prayed from her heart, but she thought she was all alone. – Slide 3
Eli the priest saw Hannah kneeling. He asked if she was all right. <br/>Hannah told Eli she was praying. Eli said God would answer her prayer, and Hannah felt bright. – Slide 4
Hannah joined her husband back at the table. They smiled, laughed, and ate. <br/>Hannah and Elkanah went home later, happy they didn’t have much longer to wait. – Slide 5
God happily answered Hannah’s prayer and a baby boy finally came. <br/>Hannah and Elkanah loved and carried him. Samuel was his name. – Slide 6
Hannah promised God that He could keep Samuel. She told Elkanah what she wanted to do. <br/>Elkanah understood what had to be done. The promise must be kept true. – Slide 7
When Samuel was a toddler, Hannah and Elkanah took him to the feast. <br/>They thanked God for their baby with sacrifices and left Samuel to live with the priest. – Slide 8
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