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Isaac marries Rebekah

Eliezer is sent to find a wife for Isaac
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At one hundred and twenty seven years of age, Sarah closed her eyes and died. <br/>Abraham bought a special tomb, buried his beloved wife, and cried. – Slide 1
Isaac missed his mother, Sarah, and was very sad. <br/>Abraham knew that Isaac was lonely and wanted to see him glad. <br/>He called for Eliezer and ordered a commission. <br/>Eliezer will be sent on a special mission. – Slide 2
‘Swear an oath to me, Eliezer,’ said Abraham,  <br/>‘Go to my home country and go to my own clan. <br/>Pick a wife for Isaac, God will give you a plan.’ – Slide 3
Eliezer packed ten camels full of riches and presents. <br/>He travelled to Abraham’s home country as he was commissioned. <br/>When he arrived, there were women drawing water from a well. <br/>He prayed to God for wisdom concerning this special mission. – Slide 4
‘Dear God, please give me direction.  <br/>Who should I ask for water? Please be my guide! <br/>May she bring me and my camels water without hesitation. <br/>Let that be the woman You have picked for Isaac’s bride.’ – Slide 5
Before he finished praying, a young woman came to the well. <br/>Eliezer asked the beautiful woman for a drink. <br/>She quickly lowered her water jar and gave him plenty to drink. – Slide 6
The woman looked at the situation.  <br/>She said, ‘I will water your camels, they are thirsty and dry!’ <br/>She did her task gladly without hesitation.  <br/>Eliezer knew God chose Rebekah to be Isaac’s bride. – Slide 7
Eliezer gave Rebekah a gold nose ring and bracelets to wear. <br/>He asked, ‘Please tell me, who is your father and who is your clan?’ <br/>‘Bethuel is my father and he lives over there.’ <br/>She took Eliezer to meet her father and introduced him to her clan. – Slide 8
Eliezer told Bethuel, Abraham’s nephew, about his commission. <br/>Rebekah agreed to be Isaac’s bride. <br/>They rode back to Hebron and fulfilled this mission. <br/>Isaac ran to meet Rebekah and she became his bride. – Slide 9
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