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Abraham sacrifices Isaac

God provides a ram for sacrifice.
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One day, God called out to Abraham. <br/>Abraham replied, ‘Yes God, here I am.’ <br/>God said, ‘Take Isaac to Moriah as a sacrifice, this son you love more than your life.’ – Slide 1
Abraham saddled his donkey with freshly chopped wood. <br/>He took Isaac on this trip and they travelled for three days. <br/>When they reached the mountain, Isaac carried the wood. <br/>Abraham carried the knife and the pot that was set ablaze. – Slide 2
Isaac turned to Abraham and asked, ‘Father, we have the wood and the knife and the fire. But, where is the lamb for the sacrifice that is required?’ <br/>Abraham answered, ‘My son, God will provide the lamb for the sacrifice that is required.’ – Slide 3
At the top of the mountain, Abraham built an altar. <br/>He carefully stacked the wood and told Isaac to lay on top.  <br/>Abraham raised his knife to sacrifice Isaac on the altar. <br/>But God shouted from heaven, ‘Abraham, stop!’ – Slide 4
Abraham replied, ‘Yes God, here I am.’ <br/>God said, ‘Do not hurt Isaac your beloved son! You truly love Me even more than your own son! I am very pleased with what you have done.’ – Slide 5
Abraham looked up and spotted a ram. Its horns were tangled in the thicket, it was caught in a jam.  <br/>Without falter, Abraham sacrificed the ram on the altar. <br/>He called that mountain ‘The Lord is our Provider’ because God provided the sacrifice that was required. – Slide 6
Once again, God spoke to Abraham from heaven. <br/>‘I will bless you beyond all comprehension! <br/>‘As much as you love your beloved son Isaac, you love Me even more! <br/>‘You will have more descendants than the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore.  <br/>‘Your descendants will conquer the cities of their enemies. <br/>‘All the nations of the earth will be blessed because you have obeyed Me.’ – Slide 7
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