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This story text is written as a rhyme. <br/>There was a man named Jonah. <br/>He talked to God and God talked to Jonah. – Slide 1
God said, ‘Go visit Nineveh and tell the people there to stop loving false gods because false gods don’t care. <br/>Tell them the one true God loves them so much, the one true God loves them a whole bunch.’ – Slide 2
Jonah did not like Nineveh or the people there. <br/>He did not want to tell them that false gods don’t care. <br/>This was a very mean thing to be, but Jonah wanted them punished, you see. – Slide 3
Jonah got on a boat to get away. <br/>‘Don’t take me to Nineveh, take me the other way!’ <br/>Then he went to sleep and the waves began to rock. <br/>The people were scared and wanted the storm to stop. – Slide 4
The men woke up Jonah from his sleep, and threw him into the ocean deep. – Slide 5
A big fish swallowed Jonah into his belly. <br/>For three days Jonah swam and prayed in the jelly. – Slide 6
The fish decided to throw Jonah up. <br/>He landed in Nineveh and the people asked him, ‘What’s up?’ – Slide 7
Jonah gave them the message that God gave to him. <br/>‘Don’t love false gods because that is sin. <br/>Only love the true God because He loves you.’ <br/>The people said, ‘You’re right, Jonah, only your God is true.’ – Slide 8
So they got rid of all the false gods and threw them all away, and God did not punish the people of Nineveh on that sunny day. – Slide 9
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