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King David

Saul dies and David is anointed King.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Saul was jealous of David. The thought of him made Saul livid. <br/>So David hid in the desert and in caves. <br/> He depended on God to protect him and keep him brave. – Slide 1
Saul went into a cave to rest, not knowing that David was hiding inside. <br/>David drew his sword. Should he kill Saul or obey the Lord? – Slide 2
David could have killed Saul, but that wouldn’t be right. <br/>Instead, he let Saul live and prevented a fight. – Slide 3
Samuel the prophet then died. He had anointed David and knew God was on his side. <br/>He died in peace knowing that David would be king. Samuel knew that Israel would once again rejoice and sing. – Slide 4
The messenger came to David and he had sad news to bring. <br/>Saul had died in battle and Israel was without a king. – Slide 5
It was God’s will for David to lead the people. Once again they will be blessed and their voices would ring, ‘Praise be to God and long live the king!’ – Slide 6
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