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Angels save Lot

Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed.
Story also available on our translated website: Hindi
The men finished their meal and started to leave.<br/>Abraham walked with them part of the way.  <br/>The two men walked towards Sodom, the city where Lot lived. <br/>But the Lord stayed with Abraham because He had something to say. – Slide 1
The Lord turned to Abraham and said, ‘I am very disturbed. <br/>‘A great outcry has reached my ears and I am very concerned. <br/>‘The citizens of Sodom have acted terribly wicked. <br/>‘I will investigate if these crimes have really been committed.’ – Slide 2
Abraham asked, ‘Lord, If you find 10 righteous men, would you spare the city?” <br/>The Lord said, ‘If I find 10 righteous men, I will spare the city!’ <br/>And the Lord went on His way to investigate. <br/>Abraham decided to keep watch and wait. – Slide 3
The two men who were really angels reached Sodom, where Lot lived. <br/>Lot was sitting at the gate and he saw the angels come in. <br/>Lot wanted them to be safe so he made a request. <br/>‘Spend the night in my home and be my houseguests.’ – Slide 4
Lot and the angels were having supper. <br/>All of a sudden, wicked men surrounded his home and pounded on the door. <br/>‘Bring your houseguests outside, we want to hurt them and make them suffer!’ <br/>The angels struck the men blind and they sprawled all over the floor! – Slide 5
Very early next morning, the angels commanded Lot to take his family and leave. <br/>Lot argued so the angels grabbed their hands and took the family outside the city.  <br/>The angels commanded, ‘Don’t stop in the valley and Don’t look back and grieve.  <br/>Run to the hills or you will be swept away with all of the debris.’ – Slide 6
Again, Lot argued, ‘Please don’t send us to the hills to live in caves.   <br/>‘Send us to the little city and our lives will be saved.’ <br/>The angels said, ‘I won’t destroy the little city.  <br/>But, you must hurry and get there quickly.’ – Slide 7
Lot and his family made it to the little city, Zoar, on their own.  <br/>God rained on Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone.  <br/>Everything was burned, the cities became a dead zone. – Slide 8
Lot’s wife came to a halt. <br/>She looked back at Sodom and turned to a pillar of salt. <br/>Lot and his daughters fled to the hills to hide. <br/>There they mourned and cried. – Slide 9
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