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Noah builds the Ark

Noah obeys God and builds a boat.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Noah had to build an Ark to be very long and very wide. <br/>He needed long wooden planks and tar to cover the sides. – Slide 1
The Ark will be a home for Noah, his wife and his family. <br/>The ark will be a home for the animals that roam the earth so free. – Slide 2
The Ark must carry all the supplies, the food, the straw and hay. <br/>The Ark must carry the furniture and beds where the people lay. – Slide 3
Noah obeyed God and did what he was told. <br/>When the Ark was finished Noah was 600 years old. – Slide 4
God said to Noah, ‘In seven days time the terrible rains will begin.<br/>‘It will rain for 40 days and nights because of all the sin. <br/>‘But there is no need to worry, everyone in the Ark will be alright. <br/>‘I will look after you, just sit tight.’ – Slide 5
God called the animals to enter the Ark. They filed in two by two onto the Ark’s floor. – Slide 6
Once everyone was inside God closed the door. – Slide 7
Slide 8