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Noah and the great flood

Those on the Ark are rescued from the flood.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
The clouds clashed and rain poured on the earth for forty days and nights. The ark floated on the high waters. <br/>Finally, the rain stopped and the sky became bright, but the ark kept floating on the high waters. – Slide 1
Ten months passed by and Noah opened a window to release a raven. <br/>The raven swirled around but flew back to Noah because it couldn’t find any haven. – Slide 2
Later, Noah released the dove and it flew out of his hand.  <br/>But the dove came back to Noah because it couldn’t find a place to land. – Slide 3
Noah released the dove once more, to search for a mountain peak.  <br/>But this time, the dove returned with an olive branch caught in its beak. – Slide 4
Noah released the dove once more, but it didn’t come back, it made it to the shore. – Slide 5
Finally, it was time to leave the ark. The ground was dry and everyone was relieved. Noah built an altar to worship God, and the aroma made God very pleased. – Slide 6
‘Have many children and be fruitful,’ said God as He blessed Noah, his sons and all of their wives. <br/>‘The earth will never flood again! The rainbow will remind you of my promise all the days of your lives.’ – Slide 7
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