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Samuel anoints Saul King

Saul is reluctant to be crowned as King.
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Saul slept at Samuel’s house and when he woke up the next day… <br/>Samuel said to Saul, ‘Come for a walk with me, I have something to say.’ – Slide 1
Samuel said,’God wants me to tell you He chose you to be king.’ <br/> So he poured oil on Saul’s head to anoint him with God’s blessing. – Slide 2
‘You will hear God’s voice and His word you will speak. <br/>‘God will change your heart, His blessing you will seek.’ – Slide 3
A week later Samuel called out all the tribes and leaders. Then Saul’s tribe was called, but where could he be? <br/>Saul was scared and his heart was not eager to take responsibility. – Slide 4
Samuel called out to the crowd, ‘Look who I bring! See who God has chosen to be your king! God has given you what you asked. I will tell him of his duties, responsibilities and tasks.’ – Slide 5
The people were happy and they began to sing. They shouted, ‘Long live the king!’ <br/>Saul was no longer scared and his heart was eager. <br/>He was ready to be Israel’s leader. – Slide 6
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