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Samuel anoints David

The youngest of Jesse's sons is chosen to be King.
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Saul was King of Israel, <br/>But he became proud and his heart was cold. <br/>Samuel was sad that Saul disobeyed God, <br/>But God would choose another man whose love for Him was bold. – Slide 1
The last time Samuel spoke to Saul, <br/>He warned him how he brought God shame. <br/>‘Obedience is better than sacrifice! <br/>Another man will take over your reign!’ – Slide 2
God told Samuel to make a journey, <br/>To the house of Jesse of Bethlehem. <br/>The new king would come from this family, <br/>A son of Jesse, a godly man. – Slide 3
Samuel knocked on Jesse’s door, <br/>His seven sons appeared very gallant. <br/>Samuel took a look at the men, <br/>Each one had a special talent. – Slide 4
But God spoke to Samuel , <br/>‘Don’t look at appearance or height.’ <br/>Then Samuel asked Jesse if he had any other sons. <br/>None of these men had a heart that was right. – Slide 5
Jesse said, ‘There is another but he is the youngest and tending the sheep.’<br/>‘Bring him to me,” Samuel replied,‘It is the youngest son I need to meet!’ – Slide 6
Samuel’s eyes were opened, David was the one that God had chosen.Samuel anointed David and poured oil over his head. <br/>The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully on David. Someday a crown would rest on his head. – Slide 7
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