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Israel wants a King

Samuel faces demands for a King.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Samuel grew old and his sons were grown men. He made them leaders of the Temple. Samuel’s sons cheated, lied, and stole. They didn’t love God or bless the people. – Slide 1
The people spoke to Samuel, ‘Your sons are very bad. <br/>They will not treat us fair like you. We want to be like other nations, we want a king!’ This made Samuel very sad. – Slide 2
Samuel knelt down and prayed to God. He told God how the people wanted a king. <br/>God told Samuel to give the people what they wanted, but to warn them of all the trouble a king would bring! – Slide 3
‘A king will take their sons to raise his horses, plough the fields, and fight his wars. <br/>A king will take their daughters to work for him. They will bake, and cook, and do all the chores.’ – Slide 4
‘A king will make the people give to him their grapes, and olives, and wheat. <br/>A king will make the people give to him their donkeys and cows, goats and sheep.’ – Slide 5
Samuel spoke to the people, he told them God’s warning. They said, ‘We still want a king!’ <br/>They didn’t care about the trouble a king would bring. – Slide 6
Again, Samuel prayed to God, ‘The people still want a king.’ <br/>God told Samuel, ‘Give the people what they want! Give them their king!’ – Slide 7
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