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Samuel becomes a priest

Samuel helps the people return to God.
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Eli and his sons were dead, and Samuel became Israel’s priest. <br/>He loved God and he loved the people. He fasted, prayed, and celebrated God’s feasts. – Slide 1
Samuel told the people to get rid of evil sins. <br/>They must throw away their idols and return to God again. – Slide 2
Samuel said, ‘God alone we must worship or the Philistines can hurt us. Always love and worship God. Then He will protect us! <br/>Everyone meet me at Mitzpah and I will pray for you. Let’s fast and pray to God so He will forgive and protect us.’ – Slide 3
God heard Samuel’s prayers and made the Philistines all confused. <br/>Instead of hurting Israel, their own soldiers were bruised. – Slide 4
The Philistines went back to their own country and didn’t bother Israel anymore. Israel had peace all around and no one bothered them anymore. – Slide 5
Samuel always fasted and prayed for the people. He traveled all around. <br/>Samuel judged the people throughout Israel. He kept them Godly, safe, and sound. – Slide 6
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