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Saul meets Samuel the prophet

Saul searches for lost donkeys.
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Kish, the Benjamite, had a son named Saul. <br/>Saul was so handsome, bright, and very, very tall! – Slide 1
Kish’s prized donkeys got lost. <br/>He told Saul to search the grounds. <br/>'Take my servant and find my donkeys. <br/>They could get hurt, they must be found!' – Slide 2
Saul and the servant searched the grounds. <br/>They looked high and low, but the donkeys couldn’t be found. <br/>Saul told the servant, 'We’d better head home or Father will worry, <br/>so we better scurry.' – Slide 3
The servant told Saul, 'The prophet Samuel lives near. <br/>Let’s visit him. He listens to God and will tell us what he hears. <br/>We will ask him where the donkeys can be found. <br/>Then, we can bring the donkeys back home, safe and sound.' – Slide 4
So they looked for a while and saw some girls at a well. <br/>Saul asked, “Is the prophet nearby?” <br/>'Yes, he is', the girls replied. <br/>'He is in the town for the sacrifice and the people are waiting. <br/>He will feast with the people and give us God’s blessing.' – Slide 5
‘Hello Saul, I am Samuel the priest. <br/>God told me you would come. Let’s both go to the feast. <br/>Your father’s donkeys got lost, you searched the grounds, <br/>but your donkeys are already home, they have been found.’ – Slide 6
God spoke to Samuel that Saul would be king. But Samuel knew that Saul was tired. So, they sat down and ate at the feast. <br/>Tomorrow Samuel will tell Saul that he will be king. <br/>As the first king of Israel God’s hope he will bring. – Slide 7
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