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Samuel Worships God

Samuel grows up with Eli and his sons.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Samuel grew up with Eli the priest. He grew stronger and wiser each year. – Slide 1
God blessed his parents with many more children. They visited Samuel at the feast every year. – Slide 2
When his mother, Hannah, came to visit, they always brought Samuel a brand new robe. <br/>When Samuel worshipped God with Eli in the temple, Samuel always wore his little robe. – Slide 3
Eli the priest had grown up sons but they acted very, very bad. <br/>These sons did not want to do what was right. They stole, and they lied, and made God very sad. – Slide 4
But Samuel worshipped God. He always tried to do what was right. <br/>Samuel obeyed Eli and obeyed God’s laws. Samuel worshipped God by choosing to do what was right. – Slide 5
A prophet came to Eli the priest to give him a message from God. 'Eli!' The man said, 'Your sons make God so sad. <br/>They hurt the people, steal, and go where they don’t belong. You must correct them from doing all these wrongs! If you don’t, God must punish them because what they do is bad.” – Slide 6
But, Eli’s sons did not worship God. They kept acting very, very bad. <br/>They kept on choosing not to do what was right. Eli’s sons made God so very sad. – Slide 7
Samuel’s heart was very tender. Samuel kept worshiping God. <br/>Samuel’s love for God grew bigger and bigger. God loved Samuel and Samuel loved God. – Slide 8
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