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Tower of Babel

People rebel against God to build a tower.
Story also available on our translated websites: Polish, Hindi
Noah and his sons settled down. <br/>His family had many children and they created towns. <br/>Many, many people now live in the world, but they came from the same region and spoke the same words. – Slide 1
The people thought they were smarter than God. They were so proud and they had no shame. <br/>They wanted glory and they wanted fame. <br/>But they were afraid that they would be scattered. <br/>They didn’t love God so they took up the matter. – Slide 2
‘Let’s make ourselves famous!’ They would holler. <br/>‘We have learned to bake bricks and stack them level. We can mortar these bricks to make a large tower.  <br/>We can build this tower to reach the heavens!’ – Slide 3
The city of Babylon was on a large plain. Flat land is a good place to build a large tower. <br/>While the people were busy with their building campaign, God watched them during their working hours. – Slide 4
God saw that the people didn’t love Him. Together they could get this bad job done. <br/>God put words in their mouths that they couldn’t understand. Their words sounded silly and confused everyone. – Slide 5
No longer proud, the people could not get this bad job done. God kept everyone safe and the evil plan was beaten. <br/>They couldn’t finish building the brick tower to heaven, and many of the people scattered to other regions. – Slide 6
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