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Faith of the Roman Centurion

A Centurion believes Jesus can heal his servant.
Contributed by Rev. Henry Martin
Story also available on our translated websites: Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Hindi
In Capernaum, there lived a centurion, who commanded about one hundred men. – Slide 1
The centurion had a servant who was very ill.  He was paralysed and in great pain. – Slide 2
When Jesus entered Capernaum, the centurion went up to Him and said, ‘Lord, my servant is at home in such pain that he can't even move.’ Now the Jews would not enter the house of a foreigner like this centurion considering him to be unclean. – Slide 3
‘I will go and heal him,’ Jesus replied. – Slide 4
The Centurion protested, ‘Lord, I am not worthy for you to enter my house.  Just give the order and my servant will be made well. – Slide 5
‘I have senior military who give orders to me, and I give orders to my soldiers. I can say to one of them, “Go!” and he will go. I can say to another, “Come!” and he will come. I can say to my servant, “Do this!” and he will do it.’ – Slide 6
When Jesus heard this, He was astonished.  ‘In all of Israel I have not found anyone with this much faith!’ – Slide 7
Then Jesus said to the officer,  ‘You may go home now. Your faith has made it happen!’ – Slide 8
At that very moment, the Roman Centurion’s servant was healed! – Slide 9
Slide 10