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Israel taken into captivity in Assyria

The people of Israel are taken as captives by the Assyrians.
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When the Jewish nation split into two kingdoms, the ten tribes of the northern kingdom were known as Israel and the two tribes making up the southern kingdom were known as Judah. – Slide 1
Although many of the Kings of Judah disobeyed God, there were some who loved the Lord and encouraged people to obey Him. However the northern kingdom was ruled by a succession of kings who were evil men and did not follow God’s ways. – Slide 2
King Menahem, for example, became King of Israel by killing King Shallum – who had killed the King before him. Menahem ruled for ten years but did nothing to encourage people to turn from their disobedience. – Slide 3
God warned Israel through many prophets that unless they turned back to Him He would allow them to be captured and they would become slaves. When Manahem was ruler, Tigath-Pilesar of Assyria led an army against Israel. – Slide 4
King Manahem choose not to fight the mighty Assyrians but gave them huge amounts of silver with promises to pay them an annual tribute of money. – Slide 5
When Menahem died, his son Pekahiah became king. After ruling for two years he was then murdered by Pekah, who became the next king. – Slide 6
During the reign of Pekah, Tigath-Pilesar of Assyria invaded once more. – Slide 7
He captured many cities in Galilee and Gilead and took captives back to Assyria as prisoners. – Slide 8
After that, Pekah was killed by Hoshea, who then became king. During his reign the new king of Assyria, Shalmaneser, attacked Israel. – Slide 9
Hoshea, rather than fight, agreed to pay the Assyrians vast amounts of money each year to remain king. Later, Hosea decided to stop paying the Assyrians their tribute money. – Slide 10
The mighty Assyrian army marched into Israel and besieged the capital city of Samaria for three years. – Slide 11
Finally the city surrendered and the inhabitants were captured. They were marched back to Assyria as prisoners and slaves. – Slide 12
The king of Assyria then forced people from Babylonia and Elam and Syria to go and live in Israel in the towns and cities that had once been the homes of the Israelites. – Slide 13
These people settled in the land of Israel. Some intermarried with Jews that were not deported and became a people known as the Samaritans. – Slide 14
Israel did not become captives because the Lord was unable to protect His people. Rather, Israel was destroyed because the people had sinned against the Lord by worshipping other gods. – Slide 15
For many years the Lord has sent His prophets, to warn Israel saying, ‘Give up your evil ways and obey the Lord.’ But the Israelites had refused to listen. – Slide 16
The people of Israel did not keep the promises they had made with the Lord. So the Lord removed them from the land He had given them and only the Jews in the southern kingdom of Judah were left. – Slide 17
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