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Jesus heals a paralysed man

A lame man is let down through the roof to see Jesus.
Contributed by Andrea Rau
Story also available on our translated website: Polish
A man who could not move his legs heard that Jesus was in town. Four of his friends carried him on his bed mat to the house where Jesus was teaching. – Slide 1
But when they got to the house there was such a large crowd they could not get into the building. – Slide 2
So the four friends lifted the man onto the flat roof of the house. – Slide 3
Then they started to make a hole in the mud plaster roof. – Slide 4
When the hole in the roof was large enough, they started lowering their friend into the room below. – Slide 5
Everyone in the room was surprised to see the man being lowered on his bed mat in front of Jesus. – Slide 6
When Jesus saw how much the man believed in Him he said, ‘All the wrong things you have done are forgiven.’ Some of the people in the room were muttering that only God could forgive people. Was Jesus saying He was God? – Slide 7
His friends looked down at what was happening. Jesus said, ‘Which is easier? To forgive this man, or to make his legs and body well again so he can walk? I want you to know that I have God’s power to forgive people.’ – Slide 8
Then he told the man who could not move his legs, ‘Get up, pick up your mat and walk home.’ The man’s legs became strong and he stood up for the first time in his life. – Slide 9
The man’s friends watched in amazement to see their friend stand up. If Jesus had the power to do this then He must have God’s power to forgive people too. – Slide 10
Everyone started praising God. – Slide 11
The man rolled up his mat and walked for the first time. – Slide 12
He made his way to the door as everyone gave thanks to God. – Slide 13
He met his kind friends outside. – Slide 14
And they all walked home together praising God. – Slide 15
Slide 16